At the Inner Healing Retreat, You Are Assured A

Rejuvenated Body, Mind & Soul

Whether you have stress, anxiety and you are suffering from some form of illness – then we are sure we can help you.

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Welcome to

the Inner Healing Retreat

An oasis of peace and healing waiting for you in the heart of Lancashire.

Your body already knows how to heal itself - it just needs a helping hand. We will help you, guide you, and support you through your healing process, making sure you are happy and increasingly healthy - you will be feeling so much better very soon.


Diabetes Transformation Workshop

Do You Have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?
Click below to find out more about our unique, natural, and proven very effective one-day diabetes workshop.


Colonic Irrigation Treatments

Are You Suffering From Digestion Problems, Need a Colonic Irrigation or Hydrotherapy Session? Click here to see how we can help you.

Starting From £65 >

Hot Himalayan Crystal Salt Massage

Would You Like To Dissolve Your Stress and Detox With an Infra-Red Sauna Followed by a
Hot Salt Massage?  Click here

Starting From £55

Anxiety Transformation Workshop

Are You Suffering from Stress, Anxiety, or Depression - caused By life, COVID, Lockdown, etc? We can help you get your life back.  Click here to find out more.


Amazing Swedish Massage

Would You Like To Relax and Enjoy a Swedish Massage? Click here to find out how

Starting From £45 >

Detox Retreats

Sometimes your body needs a 'Spring Clean'.  Give your body a healthy fresh start. Soon you can look and feel years younger again.

Starting From £975
Diabetes Transformation Workshop

"I have been a type 2 diabetic for nearly twenty years. I went to the diabetes workshop and I have to say I loved it, really loved it. Since then my diabetes symptoms have literally disappeared. Thanks so much, Diana and Franny, I feel so much better."


how to treat COVID RELATED STRESS naturally

"I was really stressed after going through all the covid stuff. At times I was suicidal, drinking too much, and overeating. I couldn't lift myself up, even after being put on anti-depressants. Your simple techniques have given me my life back. I would recommend your workshop to anybody. Thank you both."


Diabetes Transformation Workshop

"I have been a type 2 diabetic and been on metformin and feeling like crap for years. Today, after using your techniques for just 6 weeks, my blood sugar is back to normal. I am now not taking metformin and keeping my eye on my sugar levels. Your techniques should be taught to every Doctor in the UK. "


You Can Now Enjoy These Natural Treatment in Our Unique Secluded Setting

Relax, Enjoy, and Let Go
Your New Healthy Life is waiting for you

How to treat diabetes without drugs workshop
  • best diabetes retreat in the uk

    Your Physical Body

    You may have aches and pains? Or maybe you could do with losing a few pounds? Or you are suffering from a chronic condition that is impacting negatively on your life.

    Maybe now is the time that you are looking for something more than the usual drugs, pills, and side effects.

    With our simple approach, using the gifts from Mother Nature - soon you will be feeling so much better than you have felt for years.

  • best crystal healing retreat in uk

    Your Mind

    With all the problems in the world today, it is not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed with life. 

    We can share with you simple, proven techniques that will calm and strengthen your mind.

    You will soon be so much less anxious

  • best massage therapy in lancashire

    Your Emotions

    You cannot change the world. But you can start to experience your life in a softer, gentler, and much more enjoyable way.

    Allow us to share with you simple techniques and therapies. Some will first relax you, some will uplift your spirits - and some will give you inner peace and joy - that will stay with you long into your future.


Cleanse Your Body - Cleanse Your Mind - Cleanse Your Emotions

come to Your Inner healing retreat 

conic irrigation near wigan

Colonic Irrigation
Hydrotherapy Treatment

Can you imagine how good you will feel when a large part of your intestines are gently cleansed, flushed, and rejuvenated? With our herbal and coffee enemas, you will leave Relaxed and Energised.

best meditation retreat in uk

Meditation Treatments
and Workshops

Meditation is not just about relaxation. Meditation techniques can be used to relax or stimulate you, depending on your needs. You can try many different meditation techniques. . We have many years of experience of in helping people with meditation.

best massage therapy in lancashire

Massage Therapies

You can choose from a range of massage therapies, that will take you to a new deeper, more permanent level of relaxation. Allow your mind, body and spirit to relax - and let go of your aches and pains.

best diabetes retreat in the uk

Diabetes Workshops

If you are diagnosed as a type one or type two diabetic, then you must come to our One Day Diabetes Workshop. You will learn from a healthy Type One Diabetic who now injects 90% LESS insulin - and from a Type Two Diabetic who has loads of energy and no longer takes Metformin.

best diabetes retreat in the uk

1, 3 or 5 Night Detox Retreat Packages

Stay with us and enjoy many different therapies that will detox your mind, body, and emotions. You will go home more relaxed, calmer, brighter of mind and full of energy.

best crystal healing retreat in uk

Crystal Therapy Treatments & Workshops

You can lie back and enjoy the vibrational healing from our crystals  - or you can learn how to heal with crystals yourself in our one-day Crystal Healing Workshop.


Magnetic Healing Treatments

Your body is an electric and magnetic system. This therapy stimulates your body's energy systems with special magnets. 

best meditation retreat in uk

Emotional Freedom Technique  Therapy (EFT)

Stress can be treated without drugs. Stress, if left untreated, can become a chronic illness. Your life need not be trauma, allow us to dissolve your stress with EFT.


Hot Salt Massage with Aromatherapy and Infra Red Healing Sauna

Sometimes stress, anxiety, and illness can become 'trapped'. Our powerful yet gentle Hot Salt treatment will allow you to let go, to heal, and to feel so much better.

The Inner Healing Retreat

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